How we’re scheduling moving forward…


You all have been so patient, and we appreciate every one of you!


Unfortunately, Hairloom has not been given a reopen date as of yet, as the date has been extended and we will not be opening May 15th.


As soon as we have a DEFINITE reopen date, we will be contacting you individually to begin to reschedule your appointments.


Because our dates have been extended multiple times, we have realized that rescheduling clients without a confirmed date of reopening is not efficient and creates confusion for all of us. 


We’ve figured out a new more effective way for rebooking everyone once we have that date. 


Please keep in mind:

We have appointments from March, April and May to reschedule, and will be contacting close to 70 clients. 


With that being said, if you currently have an appointment scheduled with us, it will be adjusted to a later date and time.


We will be reaching out via text to get everyone rescheduled, and we ask that you refrain from emailing, texting or calling before you are contacted.


We appreciate your business tremendously, and in order for this reopening to be possible, we ask that you respect this plan of action for rescheduling.


We will be preparing my salon space to comply with CDC and New York state board of Cosmetology regulations during this time.


In order to keep you and myself safe, there will be new rules and expectations that we will require all clients to comply with in order to reschedule.


These new procedures will be announced before reopening and will be communicated with all clients.


We are completely blown away by the excitement and love you all have shown us! We are thrilled to be able to share our time with you soon!

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